Saturday, September 29, 2012

MOROCHEY -- Monthly Recap (September)

   Welcome to the MOROCHEY September recap! This month, the plot thickens, as the gang carries out "The Plan". However, it seems that others have their own plans for the rare and magical Morochey Crystal that has fallen into our heroes' hands. September also introduces the separation of the comics so far into chapters (YAAYY!! :D ), and the comic's first ever late update (BOOOO D:). Please, read on for more catch up and commentary!

Money talks! ...but it seems Skye already knows what to say back to it. The anticipation of our black-suited friends' visit was an easy one for our heroes; leaving the crystals just out of Sky Watch's reach for now. The plan seems to be going as expected for Pyro...  but wait....  why is Eva MIA?

This comic was ALMOST the very first late update, because I kept re-working it in my brain before drawing it. There was a lot to fit in here, and I wanted to explain in no uncertain terms where Jake's father stood on the whole issue..... without taking at least three separate updates to get it all out in the open. I think Mr. White gets the award for longest monologue in the comic so far! Though the art was, admittedly, a little ruched in the end (and I quite shamefully placed the speech-bubbles strategically to cover up slightly deformed proportions in a couple places), but in the end, I was able to upload it LITERALLY ten minutes before the deadline. Wewt! Go punctuality!

This one, I couldn't bear to rush...  so it's the one that ended up late. I pirated the first panel from a deleted scene that originally featured Eva walking to the shop from...  wherever THAT is. I fiddled with it a bit to make it, instead, show Pyro walking home from the shop. Each of the "npc" characters in the background was pulled from the original sketch. The conciseness of the next two panels is a good thing...  because it allowed me to painstakingly recreate the following block of panels, which remains virtually unchanged from the original scene done in pencil. This while comic was fully "inked", and partially colored, literally seconds at a time. I'm not saying literally for emphasis, I MEAN literally...  a few lines of drawing, computer crashes, I restart, open GIMP, draw more, save after dang near every line, repeat....  luckily the coloring was able to be finished on the less crashy computer. Was it worth the headache? Totally. I think so.

Ninja Rin not like Eva. Eva not like Ninja Rin. For all her paranoia before the snatch, Eva seems more annoyed and pissed than scared. The "master" seems to be someone she knows... but how? ...and why couldn't he just CALL her for goodness sake, instead of sending the ninja'nappers after her? ...and what exactly does he want out of all this?

We finish off the week with a bombshell! Okay, maybe it's not such a big surprise that he, too, has an agenda involving the crystals. Popular little buggars they are, eh? Yet, Sky Watch gets another mention...  the paranoia-inducing, get-in-trouble-if-you-lie-to, "pushy and corrupt government thugs", are using the brawls on TV to get more control? More control of what? It seems the gang no longer has to simply choose a path..  but also choose a side!

With all the curve-balls thrown at our poor pals, what becomes of the plan? Will they cut a deal with Sky Watch? Will they enter the tournaments? Will they join with the wind ninja? Do any of these options result in them NOT getting in way over their heads? You can visit MOROCHEY next month at to see what the group agrees on...  if they can agree at all.

MOROCHEY updates every Saturday.

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