Friday, March 16, 2012

Beaded Flash Drives

   Do you ever have trouble telling your flash drives apart? Do you want to make them more noticeable so they're harder to lose? Do you just want to make them look pretty? Well, here's an idea.........

   Adding beads to your flash drive is a simple and artsy way to make your flash drives distinct and easy to spot. It's also much quicker to grab them by the beaded "tails" than to sift through a sea of memory chips, if you're storing them along with other chips or electronics.

   Here's how it works:
   You Need: Beads, Flash Drive, Beading Thread, Imagination
1)   Find the key-chain loop- usually on the back of the flash drive. That's what you'll be using to attach the beads. Cut a section of beading thread at least three times as long as you want the tail to be. (You can also use embroidery thread for color, as in the second picture.)

2)   String the beading thread through the loop. (Tip: you can dip the end of the thread in glue, and twist it, to make it stiff and easier to poke through- almost like a built-in needle.) There are two ways you can do this.
2.1) String a bead that's larger than the key-chain loop onto the thread first, and tie it off. String the thread through the loop, and continue beading. (See the first picture)
2.2) String the naked thread through the key-chain loop. String both ends of the thread through the beads at the same time. (See the second picture)
3)   Continue beading until the tail reaches the desired length. Tie off the end, and string the thread back through the beads. Trim the stick-out ends.

4)   Enjoy your beaded flash drive!

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  1. These are awesome! I need a flash drive, so you can make one for me!
    Thanks for linking it up at my party!


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