Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween... a Holiday for All Things Scary

   Hmm..  well, while this little puggle may qualify as scary, that's not quite what I mean. I'm talking about ghosts, and goblins, and ghouls, and all that good stuff. I've always wanted to write a good scary story, but I tend to wimp out before following through. Well, this time, I've got a few concepts in mind that I don't want to throw in the ol' unfinished-project file. I'm going to toss them up here, because now that I'll have shown everyone, of course I have to complete them!

   The first one is Miss Muffet. It's a comedy, mostly, that centers around a prim rich girl (Miss Muffet) who gets teamed up with a weird spider girl. Classic oddball paring inspired by a favorite nursery rhyme. At this point, the picture says it all. Partially because I wouldn't want to spoil the rest, and partially because...  that's about as far as I've gotten. <_<

   Good Witch is a story about a witch-hunt, and witches who aren't really witches at all. The twist in this one is, if I do say so myself, too cool to spoil. The basic backstory is one about Everdawn, a kingdom that's been divided. The king of the last generation, King Agustus, has been over-thrown, after having been accused of witchcraft. With the new king hellbent on destroying the witches, Agustus and all who were loyal to him fled to the darklands outside the kingdom and sorta' established their own little society down there. In the present-day of the story, a new king rules the darklands' kingdom, and a young girl raised in Everdawn joins his forces, hoping to destroy them from the inside. Who's the good witch? I'll leave that for you to decide once I get the ball rolling.

   I'm afraid I don't have a fancy picture for this last concept, but it's going to be a written story. (I intend the previous two to be comics.) The working title is "Unfnished Business", and it's about a librarian with a sixth sense who investigates hauntings. The librarian, the grumpy Evelynne O'Brian, and her perky assistant Tracy Masters are another odd coupling...  just because I love to do that.

   Now that I think of it, when I think of all my favorite stories, they all seem to center around some kind of coupling  or some team that's just so crazy that it works. The characters are the heart of any story, I think. They're the relatable part, sort of.. the fun part. A good character lets you go beyond "What happens next?" and lets the question "What will he think of it?" pop into your head. I would love to have written at least just one story with characters like that. Wouldn't you?


  1. Great story ideas! I love the pics, too!

    I gave you an award today! Check it out!

  2. Follow-up post!

    More on Good Witch:

    More on "Unfinished Business" re-named "Miss O'Brian's Library":


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