Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

   I've been on a break for a while (silly real life gobbling up my internet), but now that I'm back, I figure it's about time to ease back into updating regularly again.

   I'm bringing back my main comic, MOROCHEY, first, and in preparation  for its return, I redesigned the site a little. I only changed a few things. The banner was changed from the hard-to-read, comic-style pic to a plainer, but easier-to-read title banner. Then I moved the page links, and re-organized the sidebar.

   The newest addition to the site, though, is the InkOutbreak followers box.

<iframe src='' width='100%' scrolling='yes' frameborder='0' height='100'></iframe>

   I actually joined InkOutbreak so that I could follow a webcomic I've been reading called The Black Orb. It's a story about a runaway princess (Sasha) who goes on a quest with her mapmaker cousin (Ollie) to learn more about an old magical item she found in a cave. If you get a chance, check it out.

   What was I saying again? Oh yeah, InkOutbreak. Well, while I was there, I found my way to the creators section and put MOROCHEY on the list. These are the banners I used to go along with my comic on the list.

I did the smallest banner first. I knew I wouldn't be able to fit much, image-wise, into the tiny frame. I came up with a tagline, and semi-intentional alliteration, to put in alongside the title.

I decided to stick with the tagline, because I liked it, and only added a few more images for the wide banner. I personally think it adds a little mystery, too, to have images behind translucent screens. The practical side of my brain was also quick to remind me that it makes more perceived space for art.

The big banner was the grand hurrah. I never dreamed of an ad-space that huge, but I figured if I had all that space I'd better make good use of it. Make it count, you know? So I did something I hardly ever see in other comic ads-- I pulled images directly from the comic dialogue and all, and set them up theatrical-trailer-style on the screens. As with the other ads, I kept with the new banner and the tagline. I'm happy with how it turned out.

As of this posting, MOROCHEY returns next Saturday--  not tomorrow, but the Saturday after that. In the meantime, I'll be sweeping up, and hopefully posting more in the workshop. See you later!

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