What's all this?

Hello, I'm The Merry Lurker.

The Merry Lurker's Workshop is my personal blog, where I....
  • Write about work-in-progress projects
  • Showcase my art
  • Post how-to articles
  • Ramble on endlessly about quite random (but possibly relevant) topics.
  • Nerd. Yes, it is a verb.
Feel free to lurk around!

Okay, but who are you again?

I'm an artist. I roam the internet, usually doing graphics and light web design.

One of my favorite haunts is the world of webcomics. inkOutbreak.com is a frequent hangout to find new comics, and bother other creators. I'm a creator, too--  my strongest projects being the webcomic MOROCHEY, and a co-op with my mom for the comic banners on her blog Earning my Cape.

An artist, huh? Do you do requests or guest art?

Sometimes! It depends on my schedule and the subject matter. But don't be shy about asking!

In fact, if you'd like to drop me a line, feel free to send an e-mail.

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