Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Witch Monthy Recap (September)

Welcome to the Good Witch Monthly Recap.....  which actually contains a strip from the end of August because I notoriously fail at remembering the date. Incidentally, September is the month of Good Witch's first MISSED update. Um...  those two aren't related at all...  :/

So..  this block of story is the first time ever (even counting early concept sketches) that the Darklands have been featured! And it looks like they may be staying there for a while..  or will they? Let's have a gander.......

The witches' powers in action! Opening a portal is pretty amazing, but not everyone could make it through. Was is a rookie mistake, or quick thinking to get them out? A bit of both? We may never know.

Welcome to The Darklands. We've seen that green stuff before- that's right, residual energy from magic. The King Agustus III (in green), Count Reginald (in purple), and the king's unnamed Apprentice (the one who was left behind). While the King and Count have a moment of silence, Aiden has a moment of...  confusion. Who would have guessed they were human?

Now that the confusion has passed, Aiden remembers....  she's PISSED. Now, just for the record, it was totally a coincidence that the once again, a main female character goes absolutely crazy on page seven. Though..  I may make it a tradition. Maybe.

If this was My Side of the Mountain, I would name this chapterette "In Which Aiden and Count Reginald Clash, and King Agustus III Brings the Mothers Into This" In case you haven't seen the character's section of the About Page, I'll note that King Agustus III (shown here) is the grandson of the original King Agustus who married Queen Vindiri. Their sons were King Agustus II (Agustus III's father) and his younger brother Count Reginald (shown here). So, yadda yadda, the current king is Reginald's nephew, and Vindiri is his mother. Um..  oh yeah, story. Count Reginald has so far proven himself to be rather harsh in his judgement...  but also rather correct. After all, she WOULD destroy them if given the chance...

Will Count Reginald sway the king to his side of the issue, or will Aiden take up permanent residence in The Darklands? Find out next month as Good Witch rolls on over into October. Now, I'm not making any promises right now, but IF I can get a decent stockpile before my next update, I'm thinking of doing double updates for Good Witch in October. The comic would still update every Friday, but would instead feature two pages per update instead of one. If it happens, it won't be permanent--  just a  special nod to the month that features the spookiest holiday of the year. You'll know I decided to go through with it if you see two pages next Friday on

Good Witch updates every Friday.

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