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My main webcomic. Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
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A conspiracy drama in a modern fantasy setting. In a prosperous post-war world, the once-sacred Morochey Crystal Arts are now being used in Brawling Tournaments that grow more popular every day. As modern-day Morochey become celebrities in the ring, traditional practitioners of the Arts are finding themselves edged out of society. Even the laws of this new world have changed to favor the tournament contestants, and are forcing everyone else out of practice. The story follows ex-Morochey Pyro and Eva as they get sucked back into the world of the Crystal Arts... and stumble into a few things they probably DIDN'T want to know.

Un-Launched/Hybernating comics
Secondary Webcomic. Updates randomly.
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Random comedy gags, parodies, and the occasional meme. Stoplight is a catchall for anything I find funny enough to get off my butt and draw.

This comic is resting because the navigation is sooooo broken. Some day I'll get off the same butt and fix it. Some day.
Good Witch
Hybernating. Up for re-write. No longer updates

A fantasy story about a girl from the witch-hunting kingdom of Everdawn who gets kidnapped/rescued by witches, and brought to their world. This comic is on hiatus for a number of reasons. I left it in the first place because I couldn't keep up with the update schedule. After focusing more fully on MOROCHEY, and getting better at actually doing comics, I looked back at this one and thought "I can do better than that".  When this one does get re-written, it will be under the name Vindiri's Charms. You can still view what was written of Good Witch here.
Tag 'em Along (Working Title) Tag 'em Along
Miss Muffet
Mr Ping & The Space Man Thing
Oh Slay me Oh Slay Me

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