Merry Lurker Studios Sharing Policy:

  • You must not profit off of my intellectual property
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Reference back to my blog

   All artwork, music, literary work, and other media posted on this site is the intellectual property of The Merry Lurker (my intellectual property) unless I explicitly say otherwise. Logos, "buttons", submitted art, and advertisements for other sites and products are not my intellectual property, and I don't claim ownership of them in any way. You may not sell, copy, or distribute my intellectual property for profit. You may not claim ownership or authorship of my intellectual property. You may not create any derivative works from my intellectual property for profit.

   You may distribute, copy, or create derivative works based on my intellectual property on the following conditions:
  1. You may not sell or otherwise profit off of my intellectual property. 
  2. You may not claim ownership or authorship of my intellectual property.
  3. The use of my intellectual property must be non-offensive in nature.
  4. You must acknowledge The Merry Lurker (me) as the author of my intellectual property.
  5. You must reference back to my blog.
  6. If creating a derivative work, you must notify me.

   I reserve the right to deny anybody permission to use or distrubute my intellectual property, or to create a derivative work, if I see fit.

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