Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dragon and His Master

Time for some more Traditional Art! I entered this drawing in the Fiery Red contest at It was sketched in pencil, colored with colored pencils, and inked with a totally legitimately obtained ball-point pen with some company logo on it. Oh yeah, and I scanned it to the comp, and cropped with GIMP. I ended up liking the concept so much, I may use it in a story someday. 

The Dragon and His Master

He who captures the dragon's heart will have it at his command.
 This freehand colored-pencil illustration depicts the fiery red fury of a powerful dragon, commanded by the unassuming master at its side.
 ~By The Merry Lurker

This contest is open to public voting, so please hop on over and give it a one-up!

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