Friday, August 24, 2012

Good Witch -- Monthly Recap (August)

   Monthly recaps. You might say "Why?" I say "Why not?"

   Ah hell, I'll still tell you why. What else am I doing? :P

   With webcomics updating every week, I think it'll make it easier to catch up if I recap every month. It'll also be a good opportunity to get the same kind of behind-the-scenes-ness as anything I post here in the Workshop. Monthly updates will be on the last update-day of the month.

   Today's Monthly Recap is for Good Witch, whcih updates on Fridays. I'll keep it mostly short and sweet on this one, since these comics were already posted a while back here in the workshop.


Page One- Our main character Aiden is introduced with her Grandmother, as well as the first... glimpse? what a magic item looks like. So far? Little more than just a glowy golden watercolor stain on the panel. Whatever it is, Grannie hates it. Can you blame her?

Page Two- Later that night, Grandmother gives Aiden a talking-to. How do you kill a witch? How does Aiden know how to kill a witch? So many questions, but no answers just yet. For now, it's time for bed.

Chapter Three- Someone isn't sleeping. And who's in her room? The witches make their first appearance. So what does one say to uninvited magical folk upon discovering their sudden appearance in your house? Naturally, AHHHGH!!!

Page Four- Still looking for the charm? Aiden was the last one to have it, wasn't she? Not quite, but it's too late to sort out the details now. The one thing that can kill a witch is now proceeding to barbecue the bedroom.

Will they make a daring escape, or go down in a BLAZE of glory? What about Aiden? Or her Grandmother? Visit next Friday to find out who's toast, and to see this year's first brand new update of Good Witch.

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