Saturday, August 25, 2012

MOROCHEY -- Monthly Recap (June/July/August)

   Another monthly update!

   Since MOROCHEY has been going longer than a month, and this is the first recap, I'm gonna' go ahead and do a three'fer. So let's catch up on June, July, and August.


A lot has changed in ten years. The Crystal Arts are a gift, a burden, and.....   a reality show? The young and bored heirs to the proud tradition, Eva and Pyro Caster, have grown up into disenchanted adults. Perhaps they should have paid attention? Or are there other reasons, too, why the Morochey thing didn't quite work out for them?


Pyro and Eva down on their luck. And so the battle between "It's not so bad" and "Eh.. yeah, it IS that bad." begins.

Enter: our somewhat dramatic friend Skye Bridevale. The group touches bases, and establishes that, yes, they HAVE been doing more than vegging on the couch. Oh yeah, and that they've got a little more to take care of, still, than in the last page.

And so we learn about The Wars, and get another teaser of what the elemental forms of the Morochey look like. We also catch a glimpse of how the twins met Skye, and a reminder of where Morochey stand today. But in present day, there are still plans that need to be made....  until another game-changer flies through the window.

A Morochey Crystal. A big damn deal.We get to learn a little bit about the origin and the importance of the crystals. We also glimpse a spy's-eye-view of it all...


....And the plot thickens. We not only catch a glimpse of our spy, but we get a hint at some of the other players in the game. This is also the first time we see a Morochey shift forms. Let's hope our heroes' plan is better than the last one we saw!

Eva should get some sleep. Maybe you decided to read the text, maybe you didn't. It's one of those not-sure-if-helpful-or-just-crazy things. Don't ask me which, because I'm not telling!

What's this we see? Hmm, maybe Eva had a right to be so paranoid...  But enough of that, for now. Skye is late for work. Hello, Sandy. Goodbye, Sandy. Hello...  Skywatch? Welcome, mister men in black.

Oh hey, Another peek of an elemental! Also, a chat window. Sneaky sneaky, Sandy. But after a few simple questions, we find.....   temptation? It seems like a pretty sweet deal. Uh-oh. Was THIS part of the plan?

Visit next Saturday to see whether Skye takes the offer, and to find out where exactly Pyro went anyway.

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