Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Hacker's Daydream-- Fan Art for NAV

   This fan-art was based on a comic called Not A Villian by Aneeka. Her story is about a reformed hacker in a post-apocalyptic world in which everyone interacts in an addictive online game called L.i.F.e. It's, essentially, like a substitute for what real life was like before The Ending. The main scource of entertainment in this world is playing or watching The Game, which seems to be cross between an MMO-type battle game, and a reality show. Popularity matters a lot, and if you have a lot of "Watchers" following you, you can make a lot of money.

   The main character in this story is a (mostly) reformed hacker named Kleya. In a world that revolves around computers, hackers are villified like mad. Kleya has a pretty dark past, and she's on the run from some pretty powerful people, but she wants to be good more than anything.....  except when she's losing. That's when the temptation to slip back into her old ways is stronger than ever. The story centers around that conflict, and keeps the readers guessing at every turn. Will she rise above it, this time, and not be a villain?

   This picture, A Hacker's Daydream, features Kleya at large in the middle, puppeting her rivals (left to right: The Bandit, The Angus Twins, and Jane. Oh yeah! And the little children crossing the street are actually the dolls from Jane's special!) to BE NICE! ...A reference to Kleya's "Nice" special in The Game. I got the idea while wondering what Kleya wishes she could do to these guys.

   If you want to catch Not A Villian, you can find it at NAVcomic.com. You can also vote for it on Top Web Comics.

This vote button is created and owned by Aneeka. Click here to vote for NAV.

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