Thursday, June 7, 2012

Highly Contested

A quick note...

   I've recently started to enter art contests. Now, I've entered contests before, and had mixed results. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but the competition alone always seems to push me to make something I'm proud of.

   The thing is, I've been debating whether I want to post about any contests on this blog.  Considering they're on the internet, it isn't like the contests are private deals. At the same time, though, I'm not sure whether I technically own the art, or if it counts as something akin to fan art. While it might be all right to post that stuff on a blog in general, I still want to be careful, and make sure there's no confusion as to what is and isn't "mine" in the workshop.

   I think, for now, I'll only post images from contests that allow me to solicit votes. For the rest of them, I'll put links to the contest, and show you where my entry was featured.

The CUBISM Messenger Bag Design Challenge hosted by
The Challenge: Create a design in the cubism style to be featured on a messenger bag.
My Entry: Wolves in the Moonlight by The Merry Lurker
Because the official template is HUGE, I cropped this picture to make it more blog-friendly. To see the full entry, you can check it out on While you're there, please click the "I want this!" button in the upper-left corner, and vote for my design if you like it.

The Dodge Dart Inspired by You Contest hosted by
The Challenge: Create a traditional or digital piece of art featuring the 2013 Dodge Dart in some way.
My Entries: (1) Dodge Dart by The Merry Lurker (2) Dodge Dart Sapphire by The Merry Lurker (3) Dodge Dart "Aces" by The Merry Lurker
I didn't make the finals, but by the time the entry period was over, I was seeing Dodge Darts in my sleep. XD

The Project Bag Design Contest hosted by
The Challenge: Create a design celebrating Ravelry's 5 year anniversary. The winning design will be featured on a project bag.
My Entry: Ravelry Disco featured in this section.
With this contest came lots of quick cramming about vector art, since that's the only format that was allowed.

The Costume Design Contest featured on
The Challenge: Design a costume for the star of the comic, Selkie, to wear in the next chapter.
My Entry: Selkie Costume by The Merry Lurker featured in the comments of page193
Don't let the link fool you.  Page 193 is probably the darkest point (and the most horrible lie) in the whole comic (SPOILER: it's about Todd's ex-girlfriend giving their newborn baby up for adoption, then lying to Todd saying it didn't make it.)
As a whole, Selkie is probably the cutest comic ever, and must be read from the beginning. The main character, Selkie, is a fish-person who gets adopted by a human. Nobody know what she is, and she has a history of getting picked on at school, and by the other kids at the orphanage. The father, Todd, adopts her because he can identify...  and because she kinda' stole his heart. It all adds up to an interesting and funny story following the day-to-day life of an eight-year-old fish out of water.


In addition to all this, I've also heard of some kind of mermaid contest. I haven't had a chance to hunt down the site yet, but it definitely has my interest. More on that later.....

For now, that's all I got! Except this last bit of shameless self-promotion-- please follow the link on my wolf picture above, and vote for my design on DeviantArt! :D

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