Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spoilers and Favicons

   So. I've been holding out on you again. I've been working on a new blog to go alongside this one. A new comics series!

   But, Merry, you already have about a billion unfinished comics? Why would you start another one?
   Because comics are cool. Don't judge, brah. <_<

   But, Merry! Don't tell me you're just going to draw the first four pages and then leave it hanging!
   Nope, I'm going to update this one every week on SATURDAYS.

   Oh bull....der...dash.....  !  You're totally going to put it off.
   Nope! I've set them to post automatically so I can make a bunch at once, and then totally procrastinate for a few weeks.

   Oh, well that's different. Hey! Can I see what you've already got finished?

   Don't be like that. You know Lurker still cares.

Ahem...  what was I saying again?  Oh yeah. New blog. Well, as I was making this new blog, I took about five minutes and made about five-hundred favicons for it.


It was closer to seven.

Plus! I did a Merry Lurker's Workshop one!

These should kick in by tomorrow....

   Hey, Merry......  you're not just tossing these favicons on your blog so you can post something, and let us know you didn't get hit by a bus or fall off the face of the universe or something....  are you?
   No.......  <_<   >_>

   Kay.......  um....  Bye! :D

1 comment:

  1. Favicons are taking a little while longer to kick in than I thought they would. Maybe they'll be there by the end of the week? I have no idea.


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