Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sorry for Falling Off the Face of the Internet......

   My computer has been sick. So. That combined with a whole bunch of other things has caused me to put the blog on the back burner since my last post. Unfortunately, that also snuffed out my NaNoWriMo plans- special apologies to my writing buddies from the forums if you're reading this.

   There's no way I can really catch up properly on the last two months of non-posting, but instead of letting the blog die altogether, I'm going to go on posting things anyhow. Why? Well, it has to do with my old "buddy" Procrastination. See, he insists that whenever I have a little hole in one of my stories, or my projects, or my blogs, that I use that as an excuse to not post a damn thing until I get it all caught up and filled out. He almost got me this time, but I caught him in the nick of time, and decided to say "To hell with it" and get back to the bloggy goodness.

   Also, this isn't a stage, it's a workshop. What's the difference? Well, with a stage, you go out and you polish up your work until it shines, set up the scene, and display it like you're putting on a show. A workshop is free to be less ceremonial in its presentation, and it's OK to not be perfectly consistent, or to let little nuts and bolts show; or to even leave things lying around that are unfinished, unpolished, or disorganized and go back to them later. A stage is dedicated to showing off the work. A workshop is dedicated to getting the work done. That's why I started the blog, after all--  to get things done.

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