Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stuff I Have! (But Weirdly, Never Posted...)

While tinkering around in my soon-to-be gallery, I've noticed I have a good few things I've never posted in my blog. Some were contest entries to other sites, others were just plain uncompleted.

What it is:
A design for a tunic shirt that I actually did end up making.

Why it was never posted:
I'd planned to take a picture of the shirt, but the shirt was put up before I could do anything with it. I also lost all the pattern stuff for it.

What These Are:
Contest Entries for the Dodge Dart contest on Deviantart

Why they were never posted:
1) they're huge, 2) I was unsure, at the time, whether I wanted to post images from contests on my blog. Since contest stuff tends to be some of my best stuff (when I get around to doing it), I've since decided to post them anyway.

What this is:
A contest entry for the costume design contest on Selkiecomic.com

Why it was never posted:
Yet another lost contest entry. It features the main character from the webcomic Selkie.

 What this is:
More Fan-Art of Selkie

Why it was never posted:
I sent it to the creator of Selkie, but it hadn't been posted on his site yet, so I didn't want to put it on my blog before it was accepted. After that I just forgot..

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