Saturday, August 11, 2012

G33k-Kandy and Blog Babies

   I've been cooking up a lot in the last few weeks. With a little stockpile of Morochey comics that will last a while, I've found myself working on a couple of other mini-blogs. I figure if I've been able to keep up Morochey for around a month, then these should do just as well if I'm just as consistent. Here's a quick look at what I've been working on.

Good Witch

Old comic, new site... plus the promise of weekly updates. The first four pages were drawn a while back, so I have a mini-stockpile that should give me time to pump out content, and update consistently. Good Witch, as you might remember, is a story about a kingdom that has banished witches, and witches that aren't witches at all.

The URL is emphasis on COMIC, because plain Good Witch doesn't work.


More old comic, plus new site, plus new comics, plus weekly updates! This is where I put all my random comedy comics. There's no storyline, but some comics and characters might make comebacks later on. It opens with "Dogs at a Stoplight", but the next up for posting is a re-draw of "Diplomacy".

The URL is again with the "comic", because plain old Stoplight was taken by an abandoned site.

   I've also been working on promos I like to call G33k-Kandy. For now it's just stickers and stuff. You can find it under G33k-Kandy on this blog, or on any of my webcomics. There's some old and some new on both. What makes it cool is that the code is right there, for either HTML or forum code, to make it easy to share.

Morochey G33k-Kandy

Even with all this re-arranging going on, I still haven't done anything special to one of my oldest miniblogs-- Miss O'Brian's library. I've got a couple ideas, but I'm not really sure about them. I'll probably end up either changing everything and posting weekly, organizing the blog into "books" via some fancy gadgetry, or just keeping it as-is with a little more bling. Another day for that, though. Another day.

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