Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Sketchy Concept...

Remember that hand-sized sketchbook I mentioned in the last post? Well I've finally gotten some decent pictures of the contents to post here. They're a little bit dark, because they're photographs and not scans of the drawings, but they give a good example of what I've been working on.

This one is a giant serpent. Why did I draw it? Because snakes are cool looking, and because MONSTER-snakes just conjure up all sorts of good stories. I can see some ancient Greek hero going out and slaying this thing, or some Knight having to go through it to rescue a damsel in distress. Pictures are high-octane story fuel.
...And sometimes, they are the story. When a written story wants to capture one moment, it has to do it bit-by-bit, word-by-word. Then you read through it. Then it's gone. Then you move on. A picture captures that same moment, freezes it in time, and hits you with it all at once. That's the irreplaceable charm of drawn art.

Of course, then, there always is the practical. This sketch was a concept for a design. It's a lamp centered in a sort of indoor gazebo for something like a ballroom. The idea was for the lamp to resemble the moon, and be suspended in the "Sky" by curling shadows. Or iron bars, depending on whether you like to think in poetry or prose.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Crayon rolls are for anyone, right?! :) I really want it too, for my pens and such, but I guess I'll my daughter have it. Beautiful sketches.

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking of making one and keeping it in my purse, so I can carry crayons for the sisses without melted wax getting everywhere. Hot sun + unprotected crayons = D: D: D: D:


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