Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Merry Guest-Blogger?

   The following is a picture I made in GIMP for a guest post on my mom's blog, Smart Cents Review. While I obviously can't take credit for the packaging depicted in the little visual intro down there (behind the Lurker, and on the platter), the Merry Lurker in the picture was all my doodlin'. *Nod*  I also learned a lot about how to use GIMP in the process. The paint tool box is easier to navigate than I thought it would be, and I finally learned how to work with the layers.

   The canyon wall, above, is also in the post. I drew that the first day I got my tablet, to test out the colors. Even though it's not a detailed picture, it seemed like a perfect fit to show off Corel's colors and effects. Besides. Pretty canyon.

   Both are depicted on Smart Cents Review, where you can find honest reviews on a ton of useful products, and creative extras like Make-it-Yourself Monday, Frugal Friday and more!

(The Smart Cents Review button above isn't my work and belongs to Smart Cents Review)

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