Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love

   Tossing some Greek mythology your way, because it's awesome. While Aphrodite isn't my favorite Greek goddess (that would be Athena, but that's another post) she was the first who came to mind just to draw. I think it's because she makes me think of the Greek celestial posse in general. They way they approached gods and goddesses seemed to be more centered on human storytelling than some kind of moral example. Look at Aphrodite- she was vain, jealous, unfaithful, sometimes spiteful.. not exactly a model citizen, but she's often thought of as an endearing character- the goddess of love.

   This isn't the first picture I drew of her, but it's the one I decided to go with. Even though I liked it a lot, I decided against posting the first one. For one thing, she's nude. Well.. nothing's really showing, but she's still nude. (Think like the Mermaids post) The point is, taken out of context, it doesn't really look like it should be Aphrodite. I was worried that, out of context, it would just seem like I drew some naked lady and slapped the name Aphrodite on her.

   If you know the story behind it it makes a little more sense, though. See, the story of Aphrodite's birth begins when Cronus cuts off Uranus' *Ahemahemahem* and throws it into the sea. Then, out of the foam on the sea there, the goddess Aphrodite is born and rises up fully grown. The image of Aphrodite rising out of the sea is what I was depicting in the first place, but like I said, out of context it might not have made sense.

   You can view the first picture by following this link, but keep in mind the content warning.

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